понедельник, 17 сентября 2018 г.


I just want to show you this wonderful owl, made in the technique of "applique". 

I always associate owls with autumn, home cosiness and autumn holidays. 

And this owl is no exception. It is made in the colors of autumn: warm, ohrist and very cozy)

суббота, 7 июля 2018 г.


Hello. This frog is quite a long time my work, but I have not yet shown it on the blog. I am correcting myself)
I love these fabrics ♥


Remaking furniture is one of my favorite activities) 
Look what happened from this bench. 
I am very pleased with the result, and...
the bench received a second life.

Rustic quilt

Hello everybody. For a long time I did not spread anything in the blog, and today I want to show one of the latest works. 
This is a patchwork quilt that is completely filled with 100% cotton, hand stitch. A sort of rustic quilt.

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